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Welcome to a VERY special place!

This blog has been lovingly created for Judy Oldmeadow of Samaria Creek Morgan Farm by Paul Hassing of The Feisty Empire.

We warmly welcome your frank feedback.

We have a shop. It has all the horsie stuff that Jude uses and recommends. It also has some mighty fine books about empowering women.

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3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Hi, My name is Marlene and i now have one of Judes mares, Maya.

    I found Judy’s website one day after doing a google search, as i had seen a young Morgan and was very impressed by her nature. Looking in the for sale section and there was Maya.

    I feel in love instantly. I had given up ever finding the right horse, but there was something about her face that i couldnt forget. So i rang and to my hearts delight she was still for sale.

    Well a few days later, my dad and i took the drive to Judes place and maybe it was just me in not sure, but something very magical happened that day. Jude took us on a lovely tour of her place, we met all of ther horses, but the one i really was hanging out to see was saved till last.

    Finally we went up to Maya’s paddock, we said hi to the girls and i think Maya had me chosen to be her new mum even before i had the chance to pat her, Jude handed me the lead and maya come over, put her head on my tummy and gave me a gentle nudge.

    So there we stood,like we had known each other for years, her resting her head on my tum and me scratching her ears. That was it as far as i was concerned. It was so hard to leave her there that day, but as she was pregnant and due anyday i had to.

    With many a visit to Judy’s, the day finally came we could take Maya home. I was so excited i couldnt sleep and the trip seemed sooooo long.

    We have been togther now for nearly 6 months now and i can not explain what this wonderful mare has done to me. My confidence has soared like never before, we are having so much fun discovering each other.

    So much has changed from that first very nervous ride, where i cried ( with relief) to now. Just as an example, I havent cantered for ten years or so, and the other day i was riding Maya and everything was going nicely so i thought why not.

    I have nothing to loses. So with a smooch up we cantered, not once did this happen but twice on the same day. Can you imagine the smile on my face. I was so shocked, proud, happy amazed , that yes i cried.lol I have Judy and Maya to thank for it all.

    With Judys kind words and guidance and Maya patience and love, it has changed my life forever. Thankyou just dosent really seem to be enough. I look forward to many years of fun and partnership with my girl and look forward to bringing Maya for a visit ot Aunty Judy’s place one day.

    Well thats it for now. Bye to all

    Luv Marlene and Maya

  2. paulhassing Says:

    Dear Marlene, what a wonderful story! It could easily stand as a a blog post in its own right. I recall seeing a photo of Maya when she was for sale. How lovely that you’ve found such a true friend. I’ll be very interested to hear what Jude has to say. Thank you so much for sharing! Best regards, Paul. 🙂

  3. Judy Says:

    Dear Marlene,matches like you and Maya and the resulting friendships keep me striving to create more.
    I was saddened when you rang last month to tell me she’d passed away.
    Thank you for coming back to share spreading her ashes in the paddock where you first met.
    It made me happy to see your joy and laughter when playing with Bianca’s Delight (Maya’s last foal).
    Maya’s gracious presence delighted every one she met,her memory will continue to inspire.

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