Home free

Swift Nest

The two chicks are almost too big for their nest. Their parents will soon return with food.

Nothing says ‘home’ like a swallow’s nest!

These beautiful birds are forever racing around our farm, performing the most amazing aerial acrobatics.

We were delighted when one pair built a home near our round yard.

It has been a pleasure watching the chicks grow and we greatly look forward to their first flight.


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2 Responses to “Home free”

  1. Simonalex Says:

    Paul I just adore how the Swallow build nests of mud, and fly so fast and low, imagine their eyesight and insect catching skills. I wonder if the little chicks start to fly at slow speed – lol. They are my favorite delight after growing up with a family or generations nesting in the stock-room on the home farm at Winston Hills. Atcually they were living there first, and my parents name the hill ‘illabunda’ an Aboriginal placename, supposedly after the swallows, meaning birds on the hill or similar… Ciao : ) tweet zoom

    • paulhassing Says:

      Dear Simon, Thanks so much for your comment. I’m rapt that we struck a chord with you. Thanks also for sharing your story. I’m sure Jude will be happy to keep us posted the methods and progress of the swallow chicks. Come back soon! Best regards, Paul. 🙂

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